We turn dreams into reality.

For each project we devote constant energy and enthusiasm no matter how big or small the scale of the project is, believing that each architecture has a story to tell, and an added value to give. Also, it’s the timeless medium of communication between people, nature, histories, cultures and the existing surrounding.

We use the power of architecture, to turn dreams, imaginations and visions into concrete reality, advocating for the wants and needs of our clients, approaching challenge on each undertaken project to create innovative solutions that reinforces the economical values, socio-cultural values, technical values and economical values. By committing to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability, we take our projects to a higher level.

We make sure that each project must aspire people according to their values. Dreams do become reality



Our Services


One of the essential values of Zein Eng.’s studio is bringing incredible dynamic architecture to all people in all place while fastening each work in its specific context obtaining a deeper beginning in the experience of time, space, light...


In each project, Zein eng.'s the interior spaces has a scenario to provide shaping feelings in that space. The company sculpt every inch of detail in a room to have function, reason and accessibility. 

Studio Set

Zein eng. Offers professional eye-catching design services to create custom TV studio sets and already designed several studios for LBCI including one of the most popular late night show: Lahon w bass. 


Zein Eng. had offered several urban solutions for many crisis occurring in the Middle East including the Syrian refugee’s crisis and many more offered to the Lebanese government


Zein Eng. enables engineering and design related equations, design rules, reverse engineering quality and inspection collaboration. Also, Z.E. enhances on knowledge sharing, and skills development across all engineering disciplines.


Z.E.C ( Zein Eng. Contracting)  is a branch in Zein Eng. that works in the field of building construction and public works building its reputation through delivering many key projects in Lebanon. 

We are worldwide

  • Founded in 1986 by Georges Zein (Civil Engineer) with main office in Jounieh (Lebanon), operating within the fields of architecture, engineering, master planning, interior design, studio set design and landscaping. Our projects always generate from an initial analysis that will lead to a particular value and a story, and then the story will originate a long process that will lead to the final output. Throughout the design process, clients are engaged and informed in making decisions in order to reach consensus projects forward to successful completion.

  • Characteristically, an architect is hired to design the building, the civil engineers design the structure, the electro-mechanical engineers design the MEP, and contractors oversee the subcontractors that will build the building. This parting is adverse for the quality and cost of building. All stakeholders lose out. Nevertheless, Zein Eng. has the nimble process in which the same people are responsible for an entire building project.

  • Georges Zein  


    Founded Zein Engineering in 1986 that Evolved with time to lead several iconic construction projects in Lebanon to recognize that its practice has been inclusive and also provided expertise of further engineering services since Georges Zein is a sworn expert engineer that reported more than four thousand building subject, whose work at that time centered on explorations of the relationship with partners who helped us creating added values to our projects.

  • Alexandre Zein

    Co-Founder & Architect

    Zein Eng. Has developed a particular reputation after several recognitions to Alexandre Zein (Architect) that won several international and regional awards. Alexandre is renowned for his idiosyncratic architecture, in which dreams, theory and reality can chain into one entity emphasizing on the importance and the role of design in human settlement and how a simple architectural idea can change people’s lives since it’s made for all human kind.

  • Rodolphe Zein

    Co-Founder & Head of Civil Engineering Department

    Rodolphe had been part of many mega construction projects in Lebanon starting from strutural design drawings to construction site inspection and project management. Rodolphe's ambition is to develop new technologies and systems in buildings construction.

  • Maria Zein

    Co-Founder & Head of Electro-Mechanical Engineering Department

    Maria is an Electrical Engineer to lead many complicated projects in terms of Electrica Engineering, Technology and Automation. Leading the electro-mechanical department, Maria is the complementary node of ZEIN Eng.

  • ZEIN ENG. Administration 


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