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03 - 10 September 2017

Why Seoul?


The Federation of Institutes of Korean Architects (FIKA) shall provide an excellent opportunity to share and exchange information and offer programmes of sustainable socio-economic and architectural developments in the all UIA member sections. Seoul is accessible, affordable and adaptive city for foreign delegates. Also, Seoul has been awarded as a Creative City of Design by UNESCO appreciates Seoul’s abundant cultural heritage, creative policies supporting the development of architecture. Full supports including extensive financial support from the Korean central government, Seoul Metropolitan Government and pertinent organizations are guaranteed to assure the success of the Congress.


Congress Theme

“Soul of City”


The Congress theme ‘Soul of City’ is based on unique features of Seoul, the capital city of Korea, in its long history from the prehistoric era to the present day. Advanced technologies as well as natural elements of river, streams and mountains have been another key sources and concerns for all built-environments in the city.
- Cultural Heritage, as a contributor to urban characteristic
- Sustainability, as a reliable but arduous solution
- Technology, as a convergent medium


Rich Artistic Tradition, Korea


Korea is a fascinating blend of old and new. Guests to modern Korea can still experience some of the living essence of the ancient Orient; it lingers in and around the old palaces, the imposing city gates, and the serene mountain temples. Korea is where a unique and homogenous culture has been forged by a proud 5,000-year heritage. Guests will find not only a land full of scenic beauty and friendly people, but also a vibrant economy and rich cultural life.