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Type: Hotel/Leisure
Client: Hussein Al Husseini
Collaborator: Edmond Habchy
Location: Basra, Iraq
Size: 8000 m2
Year: 2021
Status: In Progress

Lead Architects: Alexandre ZEIN, Edmond Habchy
Design Team: Jad Bou Saba, Sydelle Daou, Josiane Ahmar, Kenny Hobeika

Located in a hot environment in Basra-Iraq, the B-Hotel sets to rise between two existing buildings; therefore, it consists solely of two main elevations that directly face the extreme sun rays.  The main concept for this project is to create a façade fabric inspired by the Iraqi golden stripes pattern that would protect the end-user from the intense heat and stem a micro-environment that filters light and wind. The stripe panels are movable leaving room for outdoor balconies that invite people to make up time outside during sunset and at night. The overall aspect of the minimalist sculpted design advances a sense of elegant luxury in its appearance and would entice citizens to experience this hotel.