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Al-Biri Hotel

Hotel . Leisure Hotel . Leisure

Al-Biri Hotel

Type:  Hotel . Leisure
Client: Miled Sfeir
Location: Chouf, Lebanon
Size: 5000 m2
Year: 2017
Status: In Progress

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Rami el Khoury, Georges Nehme, Alaa Hammoud, Ziad Kabboul, Maguy bou Mikhael, Rita Kamel, Sabine Kanaan, Christina Bitar, Myriam Sfeir, Paola Hanna, Rim Boulos

Al-Biri Hotel
Al-Biri Hotel
Al-Biri Hotel
Al-Biri Hotel

Located in Bire – Chouf, the site lies on the top of a cliff face on the 4 poles of Chouf where the challenge in the design is to create a landmark since it’s the first hotel in this sector. Opposing the usual natural integrated architecture in which the components are no more clearly separated, the project will extend the natural landscape and continuously re-shape the geological cliff structure.

Inspired by the stratification of the tectonic plates where the layers commit a horizontal movement to give the shape of a mountain, the hotel’s shape will emerge from this mountain’s fluid structure producing a calculated aesthetic ambiguity between the natural and the artificial. And since this hotel performs also as a public attraction other than a touristic private guesthouse, the layers drive a spiral movement around a central axis respectively from public to private in which the tectonic elliptical layers will commit horizontal movements giving the extending shape of the mountain.

This form will offer the visitors with a 360 degrees view from the mountain top while each floor expends in a public terrace revealing the mountains’ outdoors.