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Club Central

Interior Interior

Club Central

Type: Interior Design
Client: College Central Jounieh
Collaborator: Charbel el Kamar
Location: Jounieh, Lebanon
Size: 1500 m2
Year: 2020
Status: Idea

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Miriam Nasr, Karelle Ghraiche, Christine Oussabios, lucciana Nasrallah.

Club Central is one of the oldest and biggest gyms in Jounieh-Lebanon. The club administration has decided to make a quality shift in 2020; hence, the project is a complementary injection to the existing spaces. The design focuses on creating spaces that are inspiring to spend time and exercise. The gym (located in the basement) is depicted by its dark mood and graffiti features on the walls that would boost an energetic/motivative environment where excitement to work out is the aim. Also, the transition spaces (corridors, stairs) are transformed to become more scenographic than monotone. On the first and second floor, 4 dedicated work-out zones (a Mixed Martial Arts area and fitness classes) were slightly modified and enhanced with graphics on the walls and the ceiling.