HRS-1169 | Zein Engineering


Residential Residential


Type:  Residential
Client: Laverde Real estate
Collaborator: Charbel Azar
Location: Jounieh, Lebanon
Size: 3000 m2
Year: 2018
Status: In Progress

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Rami El Khoury, Charbel Choucair, Hady Slaiby, Cindy Khalifeh


From an eye of a Telefrique, the residential building HRS-1169 rises on the top of the district Haret Sakher right next to the Tele-track that reaches to the sanctuary and shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon- Harissa. The living areas are perfectly exposed to the amazing view of Jounieh Bay in the west whilst the bedrooms and the services are oriented to the south-east overlooking the amazing green mountains of jounieh and maximizing daylight to the successive rooms of the apartments. The building is surrounded by a perfect nature in a way that the structure is integrated in a merged manner in the sloppy mountain creating synergy between daily life and nature.