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Murex D'or

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Murex D'or

Type:  Studio Set
Collaborator:  Zahi & Fadi El Helou
Location: AVA Venue
Year: 2021
Status: Aborted
Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team:  Mike Saad, Fouad Nakad, Tania Aoun

murex d'or
murex d'or

Recently the Murex D’or family have decided to be back on track and organize a tribute to Beirut ceremony as an icon of resilience and hope. It will be streamed live next week. So we got inspired from 3 essential elements from the Beirut explosion.

1- The Silos building as shield

2-The shockwave helix

3-The flying Debris


So the stage connects itself to Beirut spiritually while at same time is designed to reflect the ceremony’s elegance and luxury.