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Achkout Square

Commercial Commercial

Achkout Square

Type:  Commercial/Retails
Client: Tony Sfeir
Collaborator: Elie Sfeir
Location: Achkout, Lebanon
Size: 700 m2
Year: 2016
Status: In progress

Lead Architect: Alexandre Zein
Co-Architect: Georges Saade
Design Team: Rami El Khoury, Chris Jabra, Alain Matar

Achkout Square
Achkout Square
Achkout Square

Located in the very well-known Carrefour of Achkout, where a retail center in such significant hub is essential. The very form of the center is broken in two pieces with a bridge tunnel that connects them both, allowing circulation flow in two story retail units. Both twin volumes are designed in an expressive and dynamic manner in order to catch the attention of shoppers, and to create an urban sculpture as a new landmark in this rural area. Inspiring from the shape of leaf, the main façade is layered with a pattern of titanium zinc panels merged with the roof covering the spider-glazed shops.