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Basra Hotel

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Basra Hotel

Type: Hotel
Client: L.G.I
Collaborator: Edmond Habchy
Location: Basra, Iraq
Size: 10,000 m2
Year: 2021
Status: In Progress

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Jad Bou Saba, Sydelle Daou, Chloe Karam, Joanna Haddad

In an effort to generate the maximum capacity of rooms and suites for a 4 stars hotel in a small land that occupies only two facades in an intersection road in Basra-Iraq, this particular context requires a minimized amount of openings due to extremely high temperatures and concentrated unhealthy sun rays.

Thereby, the idea was to create an inner atrium along the south side of the plot illuminated with the appropriate diminutive skylight openings; hence, all rooms oriented south receive filtered light and overlook a fancy 30-meter tall waterfall wall. Whereas, along the main elevations, orchestrated Arabic patterns are elevated on each particular room of the hotel casting dynamic textural shades and a great place to stay. Not only does a hovering canopy enhances a welcoming entry to the hotel, but also it invites the citizens to its generous public realm: stores and shops on the ground floor with stairs that transit them to the first floor where beauty institutes and plastic clinics reside. Also, a VIP lift invites visitors to the tenth-floor restaurant that opens and closes its awnings in harmony with the environment.