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Type: Residentia
Client: Elie Sfeir
Collaborator: Georges Saade
Location: Reyfoun, Lebanon
Size: 2000 m2
Year: 2021
Status: In Progress

Lead Architects: Georges Saade, Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Jad Bou Saba, Sydelle Daou, Josiane Ahmar, Kenny Hobeika


Sitting in a quiet rural hill, Elie Sfeir Residential building enables immersive connection to nature, as it allows an interplay of flat terraces and flawless transparency that breaks the barrier that separates In and Out.  The juxtaposition of the horizontal cantilevered wooden balconies and the vertical structural stripe elements depicts an ostensible dialogue between the end-user and the environmental landscape.

Exploring attitudes in the design would let the tenants spend more time outside framing opportunities for interacting with nature while also being inside; mediates and carefully superimposes the building's scale against the surrounding' vastness.

The first basement apartment is seamlessly open to the pool garden. The GF, first, and second floors are simplex apartments. The last three floors are one entity. The largest terrace resides on the roof overlooking the beautiful views of the mountains. The overall project reconnects the essence of architecture, re-anchoring it in the realities of the environment.