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House In the Woods

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House In the Woods

Type: Private house
Client: Elie Bouery 
Location: Batroun, Lebanon
Size: 100 m2
Year: 2020
Status: In Progress

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Hisham Salameh, Namen Bassil, Lucciana Nasrallah

The house is a sole meditating body situated far away from societies and the bustling urban assemblies, surrounded by a mountainous topography and a dense vegetation, offering its dwellers a way of life in tune with nature.

The volume of the house is a perched element detaching itself subtly from the ground and orienting itself towards the infinite sky, overlooking the sequence of mountains that frame the amazing views of the sea’s horizon. The ascending movement of the house is designated by an accessible stairway to immaterialism, scrounging from nature the essential wooden material to build this house in a way that minimizes the environmental impact of the structure.

Through energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials or a plain harmony with its surroundings, the new architecture aims to conserve the biodiversity of the area to become a part from nature.

Air, light and sound are the three essential elements that synergies the house with nature because it already offers perks that we normally try to reproduce through artificial materials. The trees interact with the verticality of the ascending strips of the project.

The house’s serenity and sensibility can literally allow the end-user to hear the sound of the bees and birds that nest with in them, smelling the pure air of nature while the casting sun rays perfectly infiltrate to the house during Winter season and outlines shadows during Summer.