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Type:  Private House
Client: Hoseong Kong
Collaborator: Kong corp.
Location: Seoul, Korea
Size: 1500 m2
Year: 2017
Status: In Progress

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Rami El Khoury, Perla Azouri, Elie Azzi, Hiba Azar

Kong Lofts
Kong Lofts
Kong Lofts
kong lofts II

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea and surrounded by contemporary private houses, this project’s aim is to create modern Korean lofts in which the biggest one will become home to Hoseong Kong (the owner). In order to build lofts that respects its particular context, tradition and culture, the built structure is a fresh reminiscent of the Chinese sharply curving roof that was modified in Korea into a gently sloping, sharp angled roof with strong lines and steep planes, inheriting some kind of quiet inner harmony and exhibiting naturalistic tendencies with avoidance of excesses. Generally, once the pitch roofed loft is exploiting the 600 SQM plot, according to the percentages, the structure divides into 3 lofts (2 small and 1 big) leaving a negative space to introduce a small technical interplanetary and a walk yard with special greenery that survive with a small amount of sun radiations. The blended white materials would give a unique and yet bold appearance of the lofts comparing to their surroundings and the ordered glazing and transparency would provide a synergy between the inside and the natural environment.