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Type: Studio Set
Client: LBCI
Collaborator: Randa El Daher
Location: Adma,Lebanon
Size: 200 m2
Year: 2021
Status: Completed

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Georges El Debes, Elsa Abi Ramia, Joanna Haddad

Nharkom Saiid
The new sophisticated news studio set is markedly the aspiration of LBCI to make a substantial leap in both form and high HD technique. It was vital to wittily benefit from the already existing BARCO screen that allows for multiple studio uses in one. Therefore, the project consists of a modular/changeable structure that could transform the overall mood of the studio with simple changes. As a result, three components: the main news desk and two accompanying extensions take place. The main saucer-shaped desk is dedicated solely to the news set with its embedded screen and eight wheels underneath it to ease its displacement. The two extensions enclave the main desk and leave room for guests on two sides when needed (the extensions also stand on wheels). Once the main desk is ousted, the two add-ons fuse to generate a new form used for the morning show: Nharkom Saiid with a different set of colors that range from yellow to orange. The modules are exceptionally flexible to fit more talk show studios in the future.