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Tony Khalife

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Tony Khalife

Type: Studio Set
Client: LBCI/SBI
Collaborator: Elie Kaady
Location: Adma,Lebanon
Size: 400 m2
Year: 2021
Status: Completed

Lead Architect: Alexandre ZEIN
Design Team: Jad Bou Saba, Georges el Debs, Elsa Abi Ramia, Joanna Haddad, Karell Ghraiche

This set was a modified continuity of an already executed set designed by the late Elie Kaady for a show called Junight. Tony Khalife joined LBCI again after 15 years of contributing to other TV Stations. This show came into force to tackle many social issues addressing to authorities and politicians; THus, the design shall reflect this matter. A modern saucer Table sits in the mids of a colorful black and purple studio. Its fluid form expresses candor and freedom in which the scale of the latter allows for dynamic interactions and communications within visitors and Skype interventions. Also, the set has an ostensible dialogue with a Barco that could allow for multiple calls and webinars.